I am married to somebody, it’s been 2 years. In every year there is always new about family knowledge. The problem, the attitude, and everything. Before I married him, I’d been in a relationship for almost 9 years. Some people tell me that marriage is a new start, and that’s all true. And how I cannot imagine that every person will change, including me. You’ll change maybe not totally as a different person, but maybe at a younger age, you’ll never envision these all.

And how 2 families will never look alike each other. The habit, how they solve the problem, and how they react to something. The disparity is how my family and his doing vacation or meetings. My family rarely had a vacation in a year, while his family always made a plan for a family vacation every 3 months. It’s so different but i love it.

After marriage: its not his or my family. That’s all my family.

Monthly Summary


Lol seriously, I want to write a monthly summary. Like a monthly journal about what I’ve done in that month, what I felt, and what I saw BUT I always forget every fragment if I write it at the end of the month. So, how do you do it? Making a draft from the 1st date or what? Anyway, is the monthly summary interesting to read? 🥲

Unfollowing Following

Illustration. These are not mine 🙂

Anyone who stays on almost every day on Instagram must be following so many accounts. Friends or not, colleagues, celebs, or of course influencers. Me, about a month ago unfollowed lots of celebs and influencers from the following list. Sometimes, I didn’t really watch their Instagram stories and skipped them. I don’t think all of my following celebs or influencer’s account give me useful things, it’s just sharing their daily things. So I think, I will go follow them again when I feel like I need them.

After I did that, I love watching my friend’s Instagram Stories. I am less skipping Instagram Stories. It feels like fresh feeds on my Instagram. I followed some influencers but maybe just 3 or 5 accounts that I really needed. It feels like decluttering our stuff, but it’s on Instagram. I wish y’all can try this occasionally.


Got so much anxiety about filling in a blog. Too much scrolling on Twitter. People are easy to judge, whatever the writer means to say. They don’t hear. How many times did you delete the tweet before you post it? Or finally, you abandoned it 🙂 Sometimes we just wanna write from our brain, through the fingers, and trash it on the tweet. But again, people wanna crush into our writings and smack their conflicting arguments. Duh, I want peaceful old-day internet behavior.

Sorry for the morning mad. Coffee anyone?